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How, when & why..... or something like that!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

How...... to remove your wax you can either,

  1. Let your wax set and then slightly heat your burner for around 60 seconds depending on the size of your burner and simply slide out the wax.

  2. Whilst the wax is melted use some cotton wool or pads to soak up the wax.

It really is that simple.

When...... so your wax melt has been filling your home with hours upon hours of amazing aroma's which usually your visitors would compliment you on, however we are at the back end of a pandemic and the only visitors you've had are the delivery guys from your absolutely necessary Bee Strong Melts orders. However these aroma's are no longer filling your home and Josh (the delivery guy) no longer compliments you on the amazing fragrances coming from the door..... This means it's time to change your melt. But to which one??? The choice is yours!!

Why...... Wax melts?? Firstly, the scent is much stronger than candles. Secondly, nose blind? change the scent. It really is that simple

Thanks for reading peeps.

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