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Where it all Beegan!! See what I did there??

So here it is.... our very first blog, which means the launch to our website, which means a massive step out of our comfort zone but.... what doesn't scare you isn't worth the hunt. Apparently??!!

We were sat having lunch one day, (before this virus turned everyone's world upside down) over wine (obviously) and we got on to the discussion of our love of wax melts. We had both bought from many vendors and they completely differed. Some being too strong, too weak, some lasting 2 minutes, some lasting 2 days and we went on to discuss how we would love to start making them and one day opening our own shop. From there we began researching and researching..... and researching. It went from something that seemed so simple when it was just a dream in our heads to us realising there was more to it than just melting wax. Perseverance is key and the legal side of it began to make 'scents'. Then it was time to make the perfect wax melt. We ordered the basics, got a range of wax and fragrances from different suppliers and began to test the different strengths and throws. We then handed out samples to friends and family in exchange for their opinions and after many different techniques, we finally mastered the art of wax melting. We began selling our products on Facebook and by word of mouth and had a lot of interest and returning customers, and now here we are spreading our ecommerce wings and launching our website for all to see.

So there it is a little background and although we don't have the shop we wanted this will hopefully be in our Covid-free future......

As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day

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